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A Vacation at Home

You don’t have to go halfway around the world to experience the joys of relaxation. You can do it right in the privacy of your own back yard, in a Beachcomber Hot Tub. For the cost of just one, traditional family holiday, you can enjoy a lifetime of those holiday feelings in the soothing, warm waters of your Beachcomber Spa. It gives you the privacy you need to make you feel relaxed, renewed and rejuvenated – isn’t that what you’re looking for in a holiday?

You enjoyed the hotel spa, yes – but when your holiday is all over, you feel like you need a holiday all over again. And on the way home, you have to deal with all the crowds, baggage, delays, noise and the stress of travel. Those holiday feelings don’t last long, the tan fades, and all you have is a few photos to look back and remember how you relaxed – for a few days.

Think about it - for the cost of just one traditional family vacation, you can have the luxurious feeling of a Beachcomber Spa, that will serve you and make you feel good for years to come. When you buy a Beachcomber Hot Tub, you have the joy of using it any time you want it, whenever you need it. It costs about the same as just one of those vacations.. So why not enjoy all the benefits a Beachcomber has to offer you, and get that same holiday feeling any time without the stress of travel.

At Pioneer Fireplace Pool & Spa we offer water testing for all spas to keep your spa water safe and balanced. You will also find a full line of chemicals and accessories to make your spa maintenance easy.

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